The integration of pin number's into the fraternity was developed by the Godfathers to signify the completion of the initiation process, as well as a member's eternal place within our brotherhood. Similar to a "badge number" concept in fire departments, a member's pin number is recorded as theirs for all time, and may never be removed from our records. It is an honor to be awarded a number within the fraternity because it shows that a member has earned the right to be one of the elite few. Because there are no members that came before the Godfathers, their Pin #’s  are all “00” to signify that this title is the highest level within our fraternity.

After the completion of the foundation and structure for our fraternity, the Godfathers approached Andrew Tinsley, an Assistant Professor of Fire & Safety Engineering Technology at EKU to represent the Fraternity of Chi Beta Tau as it's first Faculty Advisor. The role of Faculty Advisor is an appointed position, that serves as a liaison and mentor to all undergraduate brothers. In 2015, The Fraternity of Chi Beta Tau elected to make Sarah Morris, an Assistant Professor in the School of Safety, Security, and Emergency Management, the Fraternity's second Faculty Advisor due to the resignation of Andrew Tinsley from the University. Professor Morris was previously a sister of the Delta Xi Chapter of the Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority at Arizona State University. She currently teaches Applied Fire & Safety Analysis in the undergraduate Fire & Safety Program and Quantitative Analysis in the SSEM Graduate Program at Eastern Kentucky University. At this point Professor Morris has moved on and we are currently in a transition period.

​​The Fraternity of Chi Beta Tau was established  and registered on Eastern Kentucky University's campus as a registered student organization (RSO) on March 16, 2011. This date is commonly referred to as the "birth date" of XBT.

Officers of the Fraternity wear bugles to pay homage to the early days of fire departments whenthe person with the bugle, or “speaking trumpet” hanging from his neck or shoulder was easily identified as the person in charge. Officers in the fire service became identified with these objects, so a small pin in the shape of a bugle became a type of rank insignia for recognition.
The more “bugles on his collar” represents the loudness of their voice, and in turn, higher the rank. This is a tradition that is still used today in the Fire Service, as well as in our Fraternity.

The Godfathers designed Chi Beta Tau's Chain of Command to resemble both the structure of a traditional Greek Fraternity, merged with a traditional Fire Department Chain of Command.


In December of 2010, four individuals developed the original concept to merge the structure and ideals of the American Fire Service with traditional customs of Greek Fraternities in order to form the first ever social Greek Firefighting Fraternity in the Nation.

The Godfathers and original creators of the fraternity, all students attending Eastern Kentucky University's fire program, were

Adam P. Day, Mark J. Gordon, Andrew J. Rice, and David F. Schober.


​​The organization went through many variations of name changes including: "Chi Tau Beta" and "Tau Beta Chi" before the Godfathers decided on the final outcome of The Fraternity of Chi Beta Tau. They spent months finalizing the creation process of the fraternity including the writing of our Constitution & By-Laws, the development of our Ritual, Crest & Logo, Chain of Command, and Prospect Initiation Process. After everything was in order, they began the recruitment of close trusted individuals who would help to establish the organization by being its first members.

The Godfathers bestowed upon these members the honorary title of the Founding Father, as well as the first pin numbers within the fraternity, for their courage and commitment to the establishment of this new brotherhood.The Founding Fathers of the Fraternity were Cameron Zamost, William Foster, Logan Thrash, Zachary Charest, Brent Feulner, and Dominic Morra.